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Updated 09-19-14

League Start Dates:
Muni Wednesday Men's B/C & C/D 09-24-14
Allied Gardens Wednesday Men's C/D 09-24-14
Muni Tuesday Women's B/C 10-14-14
Muni Tuesday Men's C & D 10-14-14

Muni Thursday Men's C 11-06-14
Muni Monday Men's B/C, C & C/D 11-10-14
Miramar Field HouseThursday Men's C & D 11-13-14
Ocean Air Tuesday Men's C & D 11-25-14
Muni Sunday Men's C & D 02-08-15
Muni Sunday Women's C 02-08-15

Men's Basketball Leagues

San Diego Basketball.com provides information on Men's Basketball Leagues throughout the City of San Diego.  San Diego Basketball.com offers leagues in Allied Gardens, Mira Mesa/Miramar College, Carmel Valley, San Carlos and Municipal Gym in Balboa Park.

Coed Basketball Leagues
San Diego Basketball.com provides a Coed basketball league at Mid City Gym in City Heights on Wednesday nights. Each team must have a minimum of two women on the court at all times.

Women's Basketball Leagues
San Diego Basketball.com provides a Women's Basketball League at Municipal Gym on Tuesday Nights and Sundays.

Single Players
We take single player registration. To join a free agent team just submit your payment via Pay Pal above. Free agent team info Single Players

Open Gyms
San Diego Basketball.com keeps a monthly Open Gym calender with the best open gym times for basketball facilities in the City of San Diego.

Youth Basketball Leagues
San Diego Basketball.com provides you with information on Recreational Youth Basketball Leagues in the City of San Diego.  Recreation Centers have different prices and different season start beginning and ending dates.  Make sure to check out Youth Basketball Leagues to make sure your kids don't miss out.