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Muni Gym Wednesday Men's Standings
Final Standings

Men's C
1st Toon Squad 8-2
2nd VS Squad 7-3
3rd SD Hoops All Stars 7-3
4th SC Mob 6-4*
5th Red Rockets 6-4*
6th D Wakers 6-4*
7th Yammertime 6-4*
8th Upz 5-5
9th Certify 3-7
10th 619ers 1-9
11th Big Brazzy Bois 0-10

*6-4 teams head to head Red Rockets 2-1, SC Mob 2-1, D Wakers 1-2, Yammertime 1-2. Red Rockets dropped to 5th for forfeit and lack of payment on forfeit. SC Mob gets 4th place and D Wakers beat Yammertime head to head for 6th place.


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